Meet the CEO

r. Morehead is an author, renowned businesswoman, and creative visionary who has developed a stellar reputation for her efforts to assist in the economic revitalization of underserved neighborhoods.

The City of Peace Enterprises, Inc. was birthed through her vision as a way to address the growing concerns in the community. She is the organizer and Senior Pastor of Shalom Ministries Christian Center in Fort Washington, Maryland, and serves currently as the Executive Director of COPE.

Shalom (peace, favor, and prosperity) is the City of Peace where the unsaved, unchurched, disinherited, hurting, broken, and bruised can come for healing, wholeness, hope and deliverance. It is a place where the preached Word gives spiritual light to those in darkness, and empowerment to those feeling weak and downtrodden.

Her professional competencies include visioning, leadership, strategic planning, and multi-tasking. Dr. Morehead has a diverse background in her portfolio such as: CEO of Shalom Enterprises, Inc; Consultant in the government; Executive Director of the National Society of Black Engineers, and Chemist/Recruiter/Human Resource Supervisor/Sales & Marketing Representative in a Fortune 100 company.

Dr. Morehead is a firm believer in education, and knows what it means to be successful despite the odds; having come from the cotton fields of Arkansas. She holds several degrees: Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in Chemistry; a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry.

She has two daughters and a granddaughter. Dr. Morehead is rarely seen without her Ipad, and enjoys driving her hard top convertible.

Tuesday, 05 December 2023

Board of Directors

Mr. Jeffrey Chandler

Mrs. Ellen Smith

Mrs. Harristeen Barnes

Dr. Tanya Herring

Dr. Valerie Matthews

Mrs. Diane Jones


Mr. Cassius Priestly