Kingdom Kids Academy Child Development Center provides a high-quality Christian early preschoolerwritingonbb2childhood program for young children and their parents. Parents and teachers work closely together to provide a welcoming environment for all children, offering a range of stimulating learning opportunities for our young learners.

As part of a vibrant Christian congregation, our goal is to work together to create a nurturing and rich learning environment where your child can thrive in many ways.

Parent involvement is an important component to the daily operation and culture of our school. Our parents are involved in all aspects of our program, including holding positions on our Parent Board, actively participating on committees, and working in the classrooms as aides. Parents and teachers work together to guide and support children in their learning. We believe that there is no substitute for parental involvement in the early educational experiences of young children.

pre-schooler-at-desk-2At Kingdom Kids Academy, play is at the heart of learning. We know and understand that young children learn best by "doing". The basic philosophy of our preschool is to provide each child with a comprehensive preschool experience, concerned with the growth and development of the child in all areas: physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual. Our program recognizes that not only is each of these areas of growth of equal importance, but each is interrelated. We provide a balanced program of active and quiet activities, individual, small and large group activities, free and structured activities, teacher directed and child initiated, both inside and outside the classroom. We recognize that each child grows at his own pace and learns in his unique way. At Kingdom Kids, children are encouraged to freely explore their classroom and their world through a variety of "hands-on" experiences. Children learn to problem solve and strengthen their skills in all areas through their first-hand experiences with art, manipulative materials, blocks, science, cooking, literature, music, make-believe play, and one another. Teachers guide and support children's learning throughout the day.

Kingdom Kids Academy provides a variety of programs for children ages 20 months to 5 years of age. Two, three, four and five day classes are offered, with core hours of the school from 9:15 am -12:00 pm. Afternoon lunch bunch (12:00 pm – 1:00 pm) and enrichment classes (1:00-2:15 pm) are available. Our school year program is extended with our summer camp experience.

Kingdom Kids Academy Child Development Center is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE).

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